Our Work

Project: La Boks, a suite of desktop applications for architects and engineers.
Services: Branding, Consulting, Mobile development, Web design, Illustration, HTML5 multimedia.

Project: La Boks, a suite of desktop applications for architects and engineers.
Developed over 10 years for Knauf, La Boks set the standard for the building industry in France.

A sample of the desktop apps available for La Boks: a streaming video library of tips and tricks,
product selection guides, energy calculator, online catalogue, pricelists, etc.

Project: The website for the La Boks application with one-click installation.
Services: Branding, Web design, Web development and cloud platform

Knauf Insulation is an international company owned by the German Knauf family and is an important manufacturer of insulation products in the US and Europe.

Worldwide, the Knauf Insulation Group has 5,500 employees in over 35 countries and operates more than 40 plants in 15 countries.

From plasterboard supplier to premium service provider
Over 10 years of close partnership with Knauf, we helped to form and position the Knauf brand through trend-setting digital solutions: from the La Boks suite of desktop applications for architects and engineers to one of the first iPhone product catalogues to hit the market.

Multi-channel marketing
Our approach with Knauf as early as 2005 was to use digital media and solutions to expand awareness of the Knauf brand.
It was so successful that Knauf built on our approach for the next decade, setting Knauf apart from its competitors and defining it as a premium brand.


Our Services

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Identity & Brand Standards
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How We Work

Road-Mapping / Vision Creation
Our collaborative discovery and brainstorming sessions are at the heart of how we make our client’s vision come alive and set an ef cient course of action.

At the core of every great brand is what a company says about itself, its products and its services. We specialize in crafting a company’s vision into an easy to understand messaging platform from which all other communications can flow.

Identity Creation
Part strategy, part alchemy, part design – we create our clients’ identifying logo marks and communication systems to visually convey the core values, beliefs, and brand philosophy.

Integrated Marketing
We offer a customized, blend of marketing solutions tailored to our client’s unique marketing and sales goals. We offer the right suite of marketing tools to help our clients speak to their customers.

We are adept at creating single instance or integrated ad campaigns that target the customer.

Retail / Shopper Marketing
Our broad Shopper Marketing experience ensures execution of a company’s marketing strategy in the challenging world of retail, both physical and online.

Who We Are

Urbandale Studios helps companies and entrepreneurs align their brand strategy with their marketing goals. 

Our team works closely with our clients to provide start-to-finish branding and organizational solutions, from concept and design to delivery, efficiently tailored to each client’s vision for the success of their products or services. 

Understanding how the smallest brand component reinforces the larger company vision, our creative solutions are tailored to the client’s available resources as well as their needs, small or large.

Urbandale Studios’ founders, Zach Jennings and Josh Jennings, have built and managed creative teams at several small and large companies, delivering a variety of creative solutions for a broad range of clients, from consumer packaged goods (CPGs) companies to entertainment studios.

As a creative leaders, they are well versed with the Operations requirements behind the creative, ensuring efficiency through all processes and deliverables.